TechniCota® 200/400

Technicota® 200/400 leaflet

Production size Side Vented Tablet coating Machine.

The TechniCota® range offers highly cost effective methods for film and sugar coating of solid dosage products, with payloads of up to 350 kg, in excess of 500 litres.
Utilising industry standard, fully perforated drum design, the machines signal a new era in the choice of coating machines. Made from high quality machined and fabricated stainless steel to cGMP requirements. All fabricated parts are cut using the latest CNC laser cutting and forming machines to ensure optimum accuracy.

TechniCota® operators are constantly confirming the fact that the machines run more quietly than most, instantly improving working conditions.
The TechniCota® is supplied complete with ploughshare baffles that provide gentle, yet effective mixing for both film and sugar coating processes.
As our drums are manufactured in-house we can easily supply drums of different sizes to accommodate various payloads depending on requirements.


200 400
Height mm 2420 2545
Width mm 1610 2210
Depth mm 1370 1785
Weight kg 1200 1700
Drum Diameter mm 1219 1524
Inch 48 60
Mesh Hole Size mm 3 3
Mixing Baffles Qty 4 6
Drum Speed rpm 2-10 2-10