Probably the most energy efficient side vented coating pan in the world!

CSI have been supplying tablet coating machines with indirect gas heating for many years but, coupled with our heat recovery system, we believe it’s the most energy efficient coater on the market.

A typical process time of 1.5 Hours for a 350Kg batch size would require inlet air heated to 65°C from a nominal 10°C outside air temperature; this 55°C heat rise would need 100kW of energy with airflow of 5500 m3/hr. The heat recovery gives up to 40% so the first saving is 40kW.

That may not sound like a lot of energy but then add the fact that when not in use it is using 0kW unlike steam which constantly uses energy with or without the process running.
Then add the cost of chemicals to keep the steam in a good condition.

Electric is an option and you can still get a 40% saving but the energy usually costs 3 x that of gas.

Probably the most energy efficient side vented coating machine in the world!

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